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A garden room is a room that is free-standing within a garden that is fully insulated, double glazed, and electrically wired. It is a fully serviced building that stands on its own within a garden and can be used for any purpose that the owner wishes to. You can turn garden rooms into a studio, an office, or even a massage parlour where you get to relax and also do your work without necessarily being disturbed. Garden rooms have different designs to suit your home, be it traditional or modern. They are unique and affordable than the brick-built home extension

What are garden rooms made out of?

The general structure of a garden room is made up of wood, while the windows can either be glass or any material of your choice. The floor can be cemented or wooden, depending on your preference. These materials used in the construction process can be easily sourced, so you don't need to worry about spending way too much.

What is the purpose of a garden room?

A garden room can be quite a multipurpose spot, for instance, you can install your own gym, make it a guest room, your own local pub, a home office, a game arcade, and a memorabilia room just to mention but a few. You are free to choose what you would like to be installed within your space. These rooms are more useful during summer because of the hot weather rather than winter because of the material you use in construction. You can also use this space to host a small gathering of friends within your home, just in case, your house is smaller.

What garden rooms do T&R offer?

T&R is a company that has been building garden rooms for many years. We have several garden houses that you can choose from. For instance, if you decide to go with bespoke garden rooms, the company will get to work to build you one that will serve you the whole year rather than seasonal. They also do conservatories and other types of garden rooms.


We have two ranges available-


One consists of a timber exterior finish in either ceder or radiata pine.


The other is a low maintenance composite, in a variety of colours.


What makes T&R garden rooms the best?

The structures we make are prepared to serve the owner all through the year rather than seasonal. They utilise material that is strong and durable, so you wouldn't have to be worried about experiencing any rotting on the material. Since most of the materials used are wood, they are quite cheap and can be easily sourced.

Are the garden rooms available in the UK?

The company is based in the UK; therefore, if you live within the West Midlands area, you will be able to get access to these services. They can help you build one in your backyard with one phone call. Contact us today, and you can request an estimate for your home.


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