Roof Lanterns

What are Roof Lanterns and Skylights?

Are you building a new house or simply want to renovate it or give it a facelift?

Are you looking for the best ways of lighting it?


Do not worry, as roof lanterns and skylights are some of the options that you can go for.


What's the difference between a Lantern and a Skylight?


Roof lanterns have been around for years, especially on cathedrals during the middle ages. Roof lanterns are lighting elements installed above the roof to allow natural sunlight to light up the interiors of your house. The main purpose of installing roof lanterns is to maximize comfort while at the same time cutting the lighting cost.


The reason they are called roof lanterns, is because they resemble a lantern when installed above a cathedral. Roof lanterns became increasingly popular at the time when metal shops were common and lanterns were used to illuminate the enclosed stairwells.


These were created in the middle ages and played a huge part in renaissance architecture. Today, however, you can see roof lanterns without adornment and which are available in a range of styles, sizes and which can complement your décor.


A skylight on the other hand is fitted into the construction roof. Often, the two are used synonymously to mean roof glazing systems.


What do Roof Lanterns do for a property?


When properly installed, roof lanterns or skylights create an attractive look besides making your house energy-efficient.  Roof lanterns come with bespoke technology and design properties that will make your home look and feel chic and comfortable.


Why should you have a Roof Lantern?


As roof lanterns are fitted into the roof, lanterns increase the amount of natural light into your house without having to site them next to the external walls. They can also be designed to suit the architectural designs of your property.


What are the benefits of installing Roof Lanterns?

  • They create more light into your property
  • They are an environmental friendly way of illuminating your home
  • They add visual attraction to your property in a rather subtle way
  • They significantly reduce the cost of energy by reducing the amount you spend on electricity
  • They make your living room warmer for longer because of better thermal efficiency
  • From a health perspective, roof lanterns reduce the impact of seasonal effect and increase wellbeing
  • They can complement the interior and exterior decor of your house



Why choose T&R?


At T&R we believe we are some of the industry's best roof lantern installation experts and understand the needs of our clients. With tens of years of combined experience, our staff are able to customise your lantern installation or skylight to meet your needs whilst saying you the cost. If you are looking to flood your home with the summer sun or wish to enjoy the winter weather, roof  lanterns and skylights will contribute to achieving your goals. You need to work with a high reputed building and construction company that has the requisite certification and insurance. Install our Korniche lanterns for sale or skylights today and let your family, pets and guests enjoy the summer sun while in your living space.

Korniche lanterns

We are proud to be able to offer the award winning Korniche roof lantern, they are ideal for flat roof exstensions. Fits perfectly in any home by retaining traditional features in a contemporary setting.

Sky lights dont always have to be shaped either, they can also be flat. 

They come in stock sizes or can be made to measure.


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